Ep 95 – JFK (part 1)

In Part 1, why you’re wrong about Lee Harvey Oswald and his life, the role he played in the JFK assassination, and why it’s entirely possible he did it all himself.

Ep 95 – JFK (part 1)


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Further reading:

Lee Harvey Oswald – junior psych assessment

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4 thoughts on “Ep 95 – JFK (part 1)”

  1. Hi fellas. I’ll be posting a one-time donation to your show, (yep, ‘check’s in the mail’) as soon as I get off my duff.

    First, love the show. Second, your JFK analysis, focusing on Oswald’s background, is so much more informative to the assassination-event than anything else I’ve heard thus far, looking forward to part 2.

    Secondly, I wanted, for a while now, address some short-comings in one of Tim’s fav shows, “Freakanomics”. It is one of my favorite shows as well buuuuut I have felt that there is some sloppy work on certain topics. This isn’t my suggestion for WYAW podcast material necessarily: “When Freakanomics Gets it Wrong”, rather, I’m asking you and Tim if you feel that as a rational, skeptical-in-focus, non-idealogical and non-idealistic forum, their product can be misleading as it is presented.
    For example: the economist Steven Levit has stated he doesn’t vote because his vote doesn’t matter. That opinion is presented without either Levit or Dubner providing context: ie if we all agreed with Levit and stop voting in elections, the impact could be mostly negative. We can be cynical about what is the value of voting, its role in connecting a population to legislation and how it validates both good and bad governance (“I have a mandate!”)… But on their show, unlike yours, that discussion didn’t happen, probably due to time constraints. The show may be less popular if they took up a thorough shake-down of an idea, ideal or proposed action like you guys do.
    So, I wanted to put that out there for you and Tim to consider, does their show do us a disservice if they half-ass the debate?
    Admittedly, this is a rather wooley-headed comment, but thats me generally. Cheers from Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  2. I just wanted to add; for further, further reading I highly recommend “11/22/63” by Stephen King. He gives a very thorough (and as near as I can tell highly accurate) account of everything Oswald was doing from about the time of his return to the U.S. up to the fateful day.

  3. I really enjoy your podcast! I also realize you may actually have a lives which prevent you from producing any more podcasts. Yet I beg you to please at least finish the second part of the JFK episode. After that, if you need to take an extended hiatus from podcasting you have my blessing (although you will be greatly missed). *Smile*


  4. Soooooooonnnnnn. Finally, early this week we should have the next part posted. We’ll need to discuss if we can even pretend to keep to a weekly release going forward but we’ll figure something out that has a bit of consistency at least.

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