Ep 93 – Not What You Think (part 1)

In Part 1, why it doesn’t matter that much about how you dry your hands, and why you shouldn’t be too worried about coming into contact with harmful things. More to come in part 2.

Ep 93 – Not What You Think (part 1)


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One thought on “Ep 93 – Not What You Think (part 1)”

  1. Just want to add my $0.02 to the discussion on hand washing/drying. As a Public Health Inspector and an avid commenter on Youtube videos (we all have hobbies) I’d like to make a few points:
    1) As you are considering how to dry your hands, ask yourself how you plan to exit the washroom. If there is paper towel, you can dry your hands, use the paper towel to (relatively) safely handle the door knob.
    2) When you use a hand dryer, unless you’ve got those Dyson ones they have at Costco, or the Accelerator 450dB hand dryers, you’re leaving with damp hands and turning the knob that Bubba the non-handwashing Neanderthal just pawed with his faeces encrusted mitt.
    3) handwashing rates are not much better in hospitals. The predominant cause for cracked and dry hands (at least in my experience) is the overuse of hand sanitizers instead of proper washing. This came to a head when my wife was in after our children were born. I insisted that nurses and doctors use the sink to wash their hands before any examination. Yeah, I’m a prick, but my kids and wife are alive and healthy.
    4) sure, there aren’t a lot of people dropping dead from faecally caused illness, but consider the rates of cold, flu, rotavirus, norovirus and other similar illness.
    My rant is done, back to enjoying the show.
    Did I mention that I love your podcast?

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