Ep 58 – America’s Hat

Why you’re wrong about a number of hypotheticals in the US by looking at how it works in Canada. Looking at gun control, mortgage tax deductions, and socialized medicine.

Ep 58 – America’s Hat


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Further reading:

http://taxfoundation.org/blog/some-facts-about-mortgage-interest-deduction – Tax Foundation think tank on the mortgage interest deduction

http://www.healthcouncilcanada.ca/tree/2.04-Commonwealth_FINAL_E_Nov2010.pdf – Commonwealth report on comparative health care [PDF]

http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hcs-sss/alt_formats/hpb-dgps/pdf/pubs/system-regime/2008-fed-comp-indicat/index-eng.pdf – Government of Canada report on comparative health care [PDF]


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