Special Announcement

After a brief hiatus tackling the vagaries of busy schedules and the addition of Tim’s newest little member to the Why You’re Wrong team, we’re going to be making some tweaks to the podcast format to be able to release episodes a little more consistently. We’re still planning on making the long-form episodes you’ve come to love (or at least tolerate obediently), but in the event we won’t be able to plan, research, record, and edit them in a timely fashion we’re introducing ‘Give Me 5’ episodes where we cover a single topic. It could be a specific fallacy, misconception, pet peeve, or anything else that can be explored in an individual five minute episode.

What we want from you, dear listener, are suggestions! Anything and everything, throw it at us. If it can’t be digested into a Give Me 5, they will still keep us full of ideas for those longer episodes. Send it our way here: feedback@whyyourewrongpodcast.com